Corporate Responsibility

Our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Commitments

We are transforming our business through improved processes, flexible ways of working, and a greater use of technology to make a difference to our customers and people.

Doing the right thing

We are committed to doing the right things, and doing them right, acting with integrity in everything we do.

At AutoRestore®, we follow four strong corporate responsibility commitments that guide our day-to-day operations:

Our commitments


  • Ethical behaviour defines the way we work. All colleagues understand our responsible ways of working. We will keep our business performance healthy to enable prosperity for all of us.

Our people

  • We create a fantastic work environment, by recognising talent and encouraging development within an open and honest organisational culture. We are developing super-talented people in our business to be the best. We want to create a great place to work and grow a business we are committed to and feel proud of.

Giving back

  • We believe giving back changes lives and we are committed to connecting our business and our people to our local and regional communities in ways that make a meaningful and life-changing impact.


  • We work hard to manage and reduce our impact on the environment, and we are taking meaningful steps to continuously improve in the long term.

Environment and wellbeing

At AutoRestore® we genuinely care about the environment. That is why we continually assess our impact and look for improvements, however small. We also believe that looking after the wellbeing of our colleagues is imperative. Here is how we go about it:

  • All mobile repair rigs are equipped with extraction and filter systems which minimises the environmental impact of the gasses released during the painting and drying process.
  • Chemicals are stored and disposed of in-line with all statutory requirements.
  • Our Optimatics system enables us to minimise the fuel we use and measure our CO2 footprint.
  • All our vehicles are speed limited.
  • Our Technicians all use appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • All Technicians are regularly assessed to ensure that they are fit and well, including urine and lung function tests.
  • We are reducing our environmental impact by using innovative technology and equipment.